A vintage flower tutorial based on the many I’ve seen online. Super easy, and fun!
New Gelish skull manicure using “Black Shadow” and “Shake it till you Samba”! Love the bright pink, great for summer! 

I chose to do a skull accent post-manicure using Migi Nail Art Pens and dotting tools. I want to try using regular polish with the Gelish top coat over my nail art next time around. Heard it prolongs your regular polish Mani and keeps it shiny. Anyone try it yet?
Feet are so gross but my toes look a lot better with some gradient leopard print on them! Just in time for summer.. This was so easy to do, and I am in love with how it turned out. 
What do your summer toes look like?!
Check out tis awesome nail art tutorial from The Nailasaurus for a step by step guide on how to do gradient nails! Easy to do, and fun!! 

(via The Nailasaurus: Gradient Nails Picture Tutorial)
Click through for a great tutorial!
Betsey Johnson inspired Gelish manicure using “Carnival Hangover” and “Coco Cabana Banana”!
New Gelish Mani with Martha Stuart “bubblegum” glitter accent nail!
Glitter & Studs mani using Gelish and Martha Stuart glitter 

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Some anti-valentines day Gelish nails for my friend!
Silly mix & match with white/black/pink
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